New kitchen in Minicampsite Villa Carmen

New kitchen in Minicampsite Villa Carmen

Cooking in a camping can be very difficult sometimes. There is not enough place to leave pots and things we use, the table is too small. Last year many of our guests made use of the kitchen because there was more place to work and cook.

But we also saw last year the need for more space for all the stuff we need in the kitchen so we decided to remodel some aspects of the kitchen. That’s why we placed a second gas stove. We have been concerned in making theme in the best location in the kitchen for it’s accessibility and utility regarding the needs  of our guests, we decided to put  the countertop in the back of the kitchen, in front of the overlooking views of the medieval Bocairent. In other words, some breathtaking views.

Construction: First we have welded the two structures that were in the kitchen. Above we placed ceramic tiles leaving enough space for the gas stove. After that we finished work installing everything else. We now have a first class kitchen.

With these changings we hope that your stay and camping is a bit more pleasant.

We like to listen to your suggestions and advice so we can improve our small camping and we appreciate  your feedbacks on our improvements.




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